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We are an established OEM company in Malaysia that specializes in a wide array of coffee,  daily beverages and health care products. Under our Timeless Taste line, we offer a range of tried-and-true coffee and non-coffee  beverages that can be further customized to suit the specific needs and palate of our customers. Meanwhile, our Elixir Solutions line of products take a focus on health-related needs with an added emphasis on ease of consumption and absorption using only all-natural ingredients. We take pride in our R&D team and manufacturing arm's high work ethics throughout the entire production process to ensure a final product no less than perfect. At Timeless Elixir, we always adhere to the highest standards in the industry while maintaining a "no compromises" policy in terms of the quality of the ingredients used because we value quality customers just as much as our customers value quality products. 


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Telephone : +603 5612 2177

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Email (Coffee): timelesstaste@hotmail.com 

Email (Healthcare): elixirsolutions@hotmail.com 

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Why Choose Us?

Backed by almost 70 years of industrial experience, Timeless Taste and Elixir Solutions products are super premium products where quality is our ONLY priority. Innovation in our range of products gives our clients the cutting edge in the OEM market place. We are currently supplying coffee to China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. Our coffee range of products are unique in aroma and flavour due to staying true to the old fashion firewood roasting method for our beans. We are also supplying healthcare products to local pharmacies and are ready to expand our horizons.


Timeless Elixir

Accommodating your coffee and healthcare needs

CHUAN GUAN was established 1949 in Taiping, the historical town of Perak state. The traditional business model is specialized in grounded coffee beans and local kopitiam coffee that later spreads its coverage from northern state of peninsular Malaysia to Klang Valley and was met with great respond. With this success, the company decided to innovate and launch a new range of Instant White Coffee drink to load into the coffee drinking world.

It is that delicate and profound balance between knowledge, experience, culture and passion for coffee through CHUAN GUAN for over sixty years, melt into its blends to get the perfect 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee, Durian White Coffee and also a range of chocolate drinks of Malaysia style in drinking that unique and timeless beverage.

Thanks to its more than half a century-old foundation, there are many legends related to coffee, as there are endless options and opinions on this drink thanks to the coffee lovers’ consumption habits and preferred blends. Our coffee blends are not just a product but a way of life that embodies all the passion, culture and values of Malaysian coffee style. Here at Timeless Taste, our blends are created to always provide a unique experience during the moments of the day dedicated to coffee drinking. 

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Our Story

Front view of the coffee powder factory building.

Side view of coffee powder factory building.

Raw coffee seed in storage.

Preparing the firewood coffee bean roaster.

Coffee seeds under process of roasting.

Final process of coffee seed roasting.

Roasted coffee left to cool and ready for grinding.

Roasted coffee seed in process of grinding and packing.


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